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Devi Massage

Devi Massage With the Devi massage, the masseurs use a very old Indian massage technique.

The Devi massage is a very tender, sensitive and soft Tantric body massage carried out on a massage bed.More information

Body Massage

more informations about the Body massageOur Body Massage is a more intensive version of our Devi Massage. It is carried out on a huge daybed.
The masseurs do not only use their soft hands but also their flexible upper bodies...  More Information

Partner Massage

Couple massage / partner massage In a romantic, quiet atmosphere, with candlelight and relaxing music, you enjoy the delights of life.
Our Partner Massage is a tender Tantric body massage.
Our Partner Massage is a wonderfully stimulating present ...
More information

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DEVI Graz Austria
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exklusive private spa

Dive into a sensual world…

In a romantic, quiet atmosphere, with candlelight and relaxing music,
you enjoy the pleasures of life.

In our place, you can either indulge in a classical, healthy body massage or have a
sensual massage
(Tantro-erotic massage) for body, mind and soul …

„a balm for the soul“…

All people have the same longing for touch and loving contact. At our house, you feel the power of touch – brought to you as a variety of massage techniques based partly on Tao and Tantra Massage.

Enjoy our exclusive feel-good-atmosphere and relax into a new dimension of well-being. Unweind in the losono chillout, relax in the infrared sauna or indulge in a perfumed aroma bath – for some time, you will forget stress and worries, you can leave your daily routine behind, build up positive vibrations and go on a sensual journey.

Relaxation is the main goal of a massage and leads to harmonisation on all levels, allows for elimination of the daily stress. Body, mind and soul are balanced. The special form of our massages enables you to dive into your own sensuality. In this way, you are able to increase the energy within yourself and boost your vitality.

Our massage forms and Tantric massage techniques are only practised by well-trained staff and refined periodically, this enables us to guarantee the highest-possible standard and distance ourselves from disreputable services.

Please note that our sensual massages are loving and sensitive Tantro-erotic, caressing massages and cannot be compared to the commonly offered massages for health. We point out explicitly that our massages do not involve any sexual activities.

We do neither offer oral sex nor sexual intercourse and ask you to refrain from requests in this context.
The touches of our masseurs are neither intended to invite sexual intercourse nor other sexual interaction.
The roles of the giving and the receiving part are clearly defined. Please respect this.

Confidentiality and discretion are a matter of course!

To ensure that your time in our place is quiet and relaxed, we attach great importance to discretion. It is important for us to ensure that your time at our house is undisturbed and fulfills your expectations so that your visit at DEVI will become an unforgettable experience. We therefore ask you to make your appointment beforehand. This is the basis for good coordination and keeping discrete.

While you are staying with us, we will pay utmost attention to the fact that you do not meet other guests and that you always have the feeling that you are the only person around.


  • All our premises and all treatment rooms have A/C – ensuring a pleasant room temperature even during hot summer days.